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Launching the tool

There are multiple ways to launch QPerfmon and start monitoring performance counters.
  • Launch the executable and then add performance counters at run-time using the "Add performance counter" context menu of the list view.
  • Launch the executable with command line parameters.
  • Launch the tool from *.qpmset files.

Add counters after tool has already started

To add a performance counter simply right-click on the list view (at the bottom of the window) and choose "Add performance counter".

Command line parameters

The tool can be launched with the following command line parameters:

QPerfMon.exe [Quick perfmon set file] [Performance counter] [Performance counter2] [-max:X] [-lt:Y] [-title:Z]
Quick perfmon set file: A *.qpmset file containing all the definitions of performance counters needed
Performance counter:
[Machine name]\[Category]\[Counter name]\[Instance name]\[scale]

* The machine name is the name of the computer where the performance counter is published.
* The category of the performance counter
* The name of the performance counter
* The instance name if it exists
* the scale of the performance counter (default = 1)
An example:
".\Processor\% Processor Time\_Total\1"
max: Set the initial Y axis maximum value (default = 100)
lt: Set the default line thickness (default = 1)
title: Set a customized title for the window (helps if you have several windows open)

qpmset Files

These files can be created using the "Save current set" context menu item of the list view.

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